Hanukkah Blessings

The Hanukkia—Hanukkah Menorah—is one of the most visible symbols of Hanukkah. Each night, we light a progressive number of lights until the eighth night, where every branch of the Hanukkia is lit in its full glory. Curious about how to light the Hanukkia, how to place the candles (is it right to left or left to right?), and which blessings to say? Our Academic Dean Rabbi Dr. Vered Hillel walks through the process of setting up the Hanukkia for the night, lighting the candles, and reciting the blessings.

For more articles about Hanukkah, watch how to make your own Hanukkiah, read about the history of Hanukkah, learn about Hanukkah traditions, read a Biblical argument for Hanukkah, and listen to Hanukkah songs.

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