Course descriptions are available on this page approximately three months before the quarter begins. Current students may register at any time after the courses have been announced. New students should not register until receiving confirmation of acceptance to the school and permission from the registrar. The early registration fee is $40. The standard fee is $80.

Early Registration Deadlines 2018-19

  • Winter Quarter – November 25, 2018
  • Spring Quarter February 10, 2019



2018-2019 Academic Schedule

Fall Quarter (Oct. 7-Dec. 9, 2018)

H510 Jewish-Christian Relations in Historical Context-Dr. Jen Rosner
RW682 Midrash Pesiqta Derav Kahana-Rav Carl Kinbar
RS501 Personal Life of a Spiritual Leader (Rabbinic class)*-Rabbi Paul Saal
BH501 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1a – Robin Van Riper

*Courses marked with an asterisk are limited to Rabbinic Studies students only.

Winter Quarter (Dec. 23, 2018-Feb. 24, 2019)

H504 Modern Judaism – Dr. Jen Rosner
This course studies the rise of diverse forms of Judaism and Jewish thought in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with emphasis on the impact of modernity on the Jewish people. It includes examination of the impact of the Shoah and the creation of the State of Israel on Jewish religious life and thought, the changing relationship between Judaism and Christianity, and the emergence of the modern Messianic Jewish movement.

RS601 Sermon Preparation and Delivery – Rabbi Rich Nichol
The Messianic Jewish leader is a communicator. This course teaches the skills necessary for effective sermon preparation and delivery, as well as effective communication skills appropriate to other settings.

RS653 Leading High Holiday and Moadim Services (Rabbinic class)* – Rabbi Benjamin Raker Ehrenfeld
This course provides students of the Master of Rabbinic Studies program basic skills and knowledge necessary to lead High Holiday and Haggim services as rabbis. Students will learn the structure and content of the services for holidays, how to access nusach and melodies for leading their davening, and pertinent halakhic information on the implementation of services/customs unique to these holidays. Students will also be given resources for the structuring of communal organization of various elements of these services. This course will equip the student to lead these services in a way that is creative, Yeshua-centered, and deeply respectful of tradition.

BH502 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1b – Robin Van Riper
BH502 is the second of three segments of MJTI’s comprehensive one-year graduate level introduction to the grammar of biblical Hebrew.

*Courses marked with an asterisk are limited to Rabbinic Studies students only.


Spring Quarter (Mar 10-May 19, 2019)

T601 God and Messiah – Rabbi Mark Kinzer
SL504 Toward a Messianic Jewish Communal Ethic – Rabbi Paul Saal
S604  Besorat Matthew in its Jewish Context – Noel Rabinowitz
BH503 Introduction to Biblical Hebrew 1c – Robin Van Riper

Summer Quarter (June 30-Aug. 30, 2019)

RS662 Summer Intensive 2 (Rabbinic class)*

*Courses marked with an asterisk are limited to Rabbinic Studies students only.

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