MJTI offers online Master of Jewish Studies, and Master of Rabbinic Studies degrees, as well as Certificates Tracks in various fields of interest, and short courses 4-weeks) in the Panim-el-Panim program.

Each online course features instruction via audio and/webcast delivered by the instructor, and discussion threads in which the students interact with one another and with the instructor. Students often comment that this mode of course delivery gives them the opportunity to process issues effectively, resulting in a satisfying learning experience.

Our courses are accessible for students around the world. The online “classroom” is an excellent environment for those who require a flexible learning schedule. There is no need for our students to interrupt their careers or relocate to a central campus, making the MJTI degree programs less expensive than many other programs that offer online courses but also require students to travel to a central campus to take intensive courses. Click below to learn more about our programs:

Rabbinic Studies Program
Jewish Studies Program
Certificate Tracks
Panim-el-Panim Program

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