Certificate Tracks

Certificate Tracks

Certificate Tracks are designed for students with or without a bachelor’s degree who desire to study Scripture, Messianic Jewish theology and related subjects at a graduate level in small increments. Each Certificate is a unit consisting of three classes with one tuition cost for the unit. Various certificates, related to specific fields of concentration, will be offered, e.g., Biblical Hebrew, Messianic Jewish Studies, Rabbinic Literature. Each certificate is designed to be completed in one year.

Every student desiring to study in one of MJTI’s Certificate Tracks is required to complete the Introduction to Messianic Jewish Studies (IMJS) certificate before moving on to other certificates. (See below). Students with a bachelor’s degree may apply directly to the Certificate Tracks in the Jewish Studies Program. Students without a bachelor’s degree must apply as a Mature Status Student. For information, click here. To apply, click here.

Introduction to Messianic Jewish Studies (IMJS) Certificate

The Introduction to Messianic Jewish Studies Certificate is a unit of three foundational classes: S501 Tanakh: The Beginnings of the Jewish People; S502 Apostolic Writings: The Early Messianic Community; and T501 The Shape of Messianic Jewish Theology. This seminal certificate must be successfully completed by all certificate students and Mature Status students, before moving forward in the Jewish Studies Program to other certificates or a Master of Jewish Studies degree. The IMJS certificate also functions as an introductory year for all new matriculated students.

Grammar of Biblical Hebrew certificate (formerly called the Biblical Hebrew certificate)

Certificate in Grammar of Biblical Hebrew is one of the certificates offered in the Certificate Tracks. Students may earn a Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Level 1 certificate by successfully completing the MJTI one-year Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Series (BH511-BH513) with a grade of 80% or higher and the recommendation of the instructor. Note that all students desiring a Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Level 1 certificate, must complete the IMJS certificate before moving on to the Hebrew certificate.

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