What is Panim el Panim?

•   MJTI’s online short-course program

•  Open to anyone, no enrollment in MJTI required

•  No homework, readings, preparation, or exams

•  Month-long courses with 1-hour lectures once a week

•  A new, unique course every month of the academic year

I recently took a class from MJTI—the Panim el Panim classes. I found it to be a quality presentation: well thought-out, very pertinent information, really dug into the truth of the word. This is a great class. Classes like this are essential and should be of interest to anyone with a heart for scripture.

- Panim el Panim student

Our 2020 – 21 Courses

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If registering later in the academic year, recordings of previous classes will be provided in addition to enrollment in all future courses remaining in the year.

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Register for all 10 Panim el Panim classes for only $275!

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Panim el Panim: offering accessible, engaging education open to all, regardless of age, faith, or education level. The only thing required is a desire to learn. Feed your curiosity, encourage your faith, and engage with premier MJTI faculty.

Come reason with us!

For questions or concerns, contact admin@mjti.org.

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