DIY Hanukkah Menorah!

Hanukkia—Hanukkah Menorahs—can range from a simple row of candles to elaborate, gorgeous candle holders. Whether you are staying away from home for a night of Hanukkah, you don’t have a Hanukkah Menorah of your own, or friends or children would each like to light their own, here are a few simple and easy ways to make Hanukkia with items you might have around your home.

While you are encouraged to be creative and make your Hanukkia beautiful, remember that the candles must be all placed at equal height, with the exception of the shamash—the servant candle which is lit first and is used to light all the other candles—which must be placed higher than the other candles. And when placing the candles, as Rabbi Dr. Hillel said, put the candles in from right to left, and light them from left to right.

We want to thank Academic Dean Rabbi Dr. Hillel for the wonderful video, and we wish all of you a wonderful holiday season—chag sameach!

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