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Graduate Programs in Jewish and Rabbinic Studies

MJTI offers quality online education at the graduate level, training Messianic Jewish rabbis (Rabbinic Studies Program), and leaders and laity (Messianic Jewish Studies Program) to function in today’s world of Messianic Judaism and the wider community, and to participate in building the Messianic Jewish future.

MJTI seeks to advance a Messianic Judaism that is academically sound, spiritually vibrant, and sensitive to the demands of both past and future.

Announcing Certificate Tracks & Mature Status Admission


“MJTI is more than an institution; it is a community, and in that community, I have grown personally in ways I never could have imagined when I began.”

“MJTI was a huge stepping stone in my life to better prepare myself as a rabbi to lead my community and to be counted among the other leaders and teachers within the Messianic Jewish Community.”
“At MJTI, all professors and students, whether Jewish or Gentile, treat each other with great respect, and it makes MJTI a very friendly learning environment.”
“I enrolled at MJTI in order to study under some of the world’s finest Messianic Jewish scholars, but once I began classes, I quickly discovered MJTI’s best-kept secret: its amazing students!”
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Online distance learning is an ideal choice for students who appreciate high-quality, flexible, accessible, and affordable education. We invite you to come study with us and become part of the MJTI community.

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