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The Students


“I am grateful to be in my 3rd quarter at MJTI. My undergrad studies were in chemistry and molecular biology, and I completed my Master’s in computer science… . After a “first career” as a cybersecurity executive, I have the privilege of beginning a fulltime focus in pastoral care. . . .  I start an internship as a chaplain at a regional medical center this summer and am also a court appointed special advocate for . . . several children in the dependency system in our county.”

“I am in my 4th year of studies towards my MJS with MJTI. I have enjoyed the program immensely. I have a BA in theological studies from a Canadian Bible college. It is very interesting to compare the emphasis and perspective of my former school to MJTI.”

“I just passed the halfway point on coursework towards my MJS with MJTI. I . . . have enjoyed the program immensely, and I count myself very blessed to have such esteemed instructors and along with wonderful students. . . . In addition to my studies at MJTI, I play a lot of music. . . .  Currently I am doing private cantorial studies with a trained cantor (graduated Hebrew Union College) who has come into our Messianic Jewish movement, [ and who will be teaching at MJTI].”

“I have taken several MJTI classes and have enjoyed them very much. I am taking this course because I love to learn and because even though I have been the spiritual leader of a UMJC congregation for many years I have never received the UMJC S’micha. My academic interests include Hebrew Bible, Biblical Studies and Rabbinic Literature.”

About The Professors


“I’m really looking forward to this class especially since I took a Pentatuch class at Fuller Seminary many years ago.   . . . and . . . I’m glad to be taking this course with a Jewish messianic perspective.”

“I have been taking MJTI courses now for approximately 5 years and recently was the first to earn the MJTI ” Foundation Certificate.” I have also taken MJTI graduate courses.”

“This course is extremely valuable for giving a strong foundation, background and starting point for Messianic Jewish theology.”

“The course opened up and made accessible a large body of and depth of historical perspective in Jewish writings hitherto unfamiliar …”

“A great class, very valuable in understanding and placing Jewish values/ethics in their timelessly historic context.”

“One of the most important courses I have ever taken. Speaks perfectly to key issues of Messianic Judaism.”

“Life changing; challenges my thinking and my goals.”

About The Courses


“The instructor was knowledgeable about the material and drew the best out of the students.”

“I cannot speak highly enough of the value of this course and the effectiveness of the instructor. Little by little, as I continue to interact with primary texts, secondary texts, my study partner and this instructor, I find that the way I view Scripture is being transformed.”

“The instructor was very effective as well as very objective and non-polemic in his presentation but took into account the contributions of all the Christian traditions and why they developed their theology.”

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