The President is (Legally) Blind, pt. 2

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I love being the President of the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI). For Jews who believe that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah and that Jewish life matters to Him, ours is a fabulous place for students to put together the disparate pieces of their identities. Christians who want to learn about the connections between Judaism and Christianity can also benefit greatly from study with us.

Aside from the terrific programs and the love and commitment of our professors, there is another rare quality which characterizes MJTI; the honesty and spirit of relaxed vulnerability which our students, faculty, and administration seek to cultivate as we relate to one another. This “way of being” really can’t be taught. It can only be modeled and “caught.”

Recently, I published the fact that I am legally blind. That is, what normally-sighted people see at 200 feet, I can make out only at 20 feet or closer. Believe me, I only wish that my Mom and Dad’s chromosomal mix was more friendly in this regard. But, as with many of life’s tough circumstances, surprising blessings can result.

Here is one: having a disability can make you stronger, allowing you to stand alone when God calls upon you to do so.

Look for my post next month and I will explain how this is so and how you can turn even your most troublesome weakness into a conduit of inner strength and accomplishment. Meanwhile, check out the MJTI website ( and learn more about our very special school.

This is the second article in a six-part series. For the next article, click here.

This post was written by Dr. Rich Nichol, President of MJTI.

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