RW682 – Midrash Pesiqta Derav Kahana

Instructor: Carl Kinbar

Location: Online

Dates: Oct 7 to Nov 29, October 7 – December 9, 2018 (Fall Quarter, 2018-2019)

Time: Sunday mornings at 9:00 am EST

In this course, we translate and study passages of the Pesikta Derav Kahana (Chapters of Teacher Kahana), a theological commentary on the prophetic portions assigned to Jewish calendar events such as the High Holidays, Pesach, and special Shabbats. Students are taught to see the deep connection between core Jewish theology and the Tanakh on which it is based, to increase their vocabulary of Jewish theological concepts, and to apply what they learn to selected passages of the Apostolic Writings.

A required course for the Rabbinic Studies program and an elective for Jewish Studies students.

Study of the Pesikta is relevant to today’s students because it familiarizes us with the Sages’ hermeneutics, their conceptual world (which lies at the foundation of Jewish theology), and their ways of impressing these things on their disciples. This provides today’s students the opportunity to incorporate these things into their own lives. To facilitate the study of the Pesikta, the course provides an overview of the translated Pesikta and a deeper study one of its chapters in the original languages, and thus exposes students to foundational concepts, interpretive strategies, and midrashic forms of expression, and characteristic ways of expression and the Hebrew and Aramaic languages of the text.

Biblical Hebrew proficiency or permission of the instructor.

This is a live, online course. The student must have a computer and reliable internet access.

Live video conference sessions.

Complete the required reading, translation, and study assignments for each session; write a midterm exam and a final paper.

Braude, William G, trans. Pesikta De-Rab Kahana (Jewish Publication Society, 2002). Course Pack (provided without cost).

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