RS652 Leading Shabbat, Weekday Services

Instructor:  Rabbi Benjamin Raker Ehrenfeld
Dates: October 18–December 20

In this course, the student will learn how to use the basic structure, flow, and content of traditional Shabbat and daily services learned in RS651 to effectively develop services for their community that reflects both understanding of and devotion to Jewish worship with Messiah Yeshua seamlessly integrated into the matrix. They will learn how to lead traditional Jewish prayer in a way that is creative, infused with Yeshua and deeply respectful of tradition. The focus of this class is learning to lead others into meaningful Jewish prayer, both daily and on Shabbat.

This is a required course for completion of the Master of Rabbinic Studies degree.

Rabbis are exemplars of an integrated prayer life and it is necessary for them to be readily comfortable in teaching, engaging in, and leading synagogue worship. Additionally, a basic function of a rabbi is to ensure regular worship within his/her community’s framework.

Hebrew proficiency or permission from the instructor, and RS651 Basics of Synagogue Worship.

This is an online course. The student must have a computer and high-speed internet access. A headset is recommended for the Zoom class discussions.

Listening to lectures, asynchronous blog discussion, three Zoom video call class discussions (1.5 hrs each), and individualized learning contract work (Guided Learning Contract-GLC and ICE Integrative Contract Evaluation).

Listening to lectures, completing all assignments, participating in video conference calls and class discussion, and reading materials. Students will be required to formulate and complete a GLC and ICE under the direction of two mentors. Students must have approved mentors prior to the beginning of the class. Please contact instructor at to receive mentor approval.


  • Sacks, Rabbi Lord Jonathan. The Koren Sacks Siddur, with English Translation and Commentary.
    Jerusalem: Koren Publishers, 2009. Standard Edition, ISBN 9789653010673
  • Source Packet for RS652. Compiled and Edited by Rabbi Benjamin Raker Ehrenfeld. This will be provided to students. No purchase.
  • Weisenberg, Joey. Building Singing Communities: A Practical Guide to Unlocking the Power of Music in Jewish
    Prayer. New York, Mechon Hadar, 2011.


  •  Kaunfer, Elie. Empowered Judaism: What Independent Minyanim can teach us about building vibrant Jewish communities. Woodstock, VT: Jewish Lights Publishing, 2005.
  • Tucker, Ethan and Micha’el Rosenberg. Gender Equality and Prayer in Jewish Law. Brooklyn: KTAV, 2017.
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