RS601: Sermon Preparation and Delivery

Instructor:  Rabbi Richard Nichol
Location: Populi (
Dates: October 23 – October 25, 2022

The Messianic Jewish leader is a communicator. This course teaches the skills necessary for effective sermon preparation and delivery, as well as effective communication skills appropriate to other settings.

This is course required for students in the Master of Rabbinic Studies degree and an elective for students in the Master of Jewish Studies degree.

Messianic Jewish rabbis and lay leaders are expected to become good communicators whether they are religious professionals or not. This course is intended to facilitate this goal.


This is a live, online course. The student must have a computer with a camera, Zoom and good internet access.

Weekly lectures and discussions via webcasts will be augmented with public speaking assignments to be completed in the student’s home congregation and presented during class. Each class session meets for 2.5 hours on Sundays from 1:00 – 3:30 PM EST.


  • Complete the required weekly reading.
  • Active participation in all weekly live video class sessions.
  • Preparation and preaching three messages followed by evaluation by a focus group.
  • Keep a homiletics diary (see below for instructions).
  • Evaluation of speaker’s sermons (peer reviewed assignment)


  • Jenson, Richard. Thinking In Story. Lima: CSS Publishing, 1995.
  • Robinson, Haddon. Biblical Preaching. Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1980.
  • The Art of Storytelling by The Great Courses, Narrated by Professor Hannah B. Harvey
  • Two sermons by Dr. Martin Luther King
  • One sermon by Dr. Nichol


  • Abrams, Elliot. Faith or Fear. New York: The Free Press, 1997.
  • Greidanus, Sidney. The Modern Preacher and the Ancient Text. Leicester: Inter-Varsity Press, 1988.
  • Sosland, Henry A. A Guide for Preachers on Composing and Delivering Sermons. New York: The Jewish Theological Seminary of New York, 1987.
  • Soulen, R. Kendall. The God of Israel and Christian Theology. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1996.
  • Telushkin, Rabbi Joseph. Jewish Humor. New York: William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1992.
  • Teplitz, Rabbi Saul. The Best of the Best Jewish Sermons. Middle Village: Jonathan David Publishers, Inc., 1996.
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