BH513 Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Level 1-3 (MJS, MRS, GBH Certificate)

Prerequisite: BH512 Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Level 1-2 or permission of instructor

BH513 is the third and final segment of MJTI’s comprehensive one-year graduate level introduction to the grammar of biblical Hebrew. As students continue to build upon the skills taught in the earlier course segments (BH511 and BH512), they encounter narrative and infinitive verb forms and the remaining major verb stems. In this course segment students continue to apply their growing body of grammatical knowledge to the translation and interpretation of larger swathes of narrative and poetic texts of the Tanakh. By the end of this course, students will have acquired a broad-based ability to study and engage Hebrew texts of every book of the Tanakh on an introductory level and will be ready for intermediate course work.

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