BH512 Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Level 1-2 (MJS, MRS, GBH Certificate)

Prerequisite: BH511 Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Level 1-1 or permission of instructor

BH512 is the second of three segments of MJTI’s comprehensive one-year graduate level introduction to the grammar of biblical Hebrew. Building upon the skills taught in BH511 the student is introduced to finite verbs in three of the seven major verb groups. Students learn to parse verbs for their form and function. Distinct from English verbs that indicate tense (i.e. past, present, future), biblical Hebrew verbs are best understood to indicate aspect. Aspect refers to the perspective being presented by the speaker/writer. Is the perspective that of an outsider looking in at a situation that has already occurred (“perfect”), or is he living through an event as it develops (“imperfect”). Students also become acquainted with the basic syntax (the arrangement of words and phrases that create well-formed sentences) of the verbal clause. Students begin to learn to apply their grammatical knowledge to the translation and interpretation of
segments of narrative and poetic texts of the Tanakh.

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