BH511 Grammar of Biblical Hebrew Level 1-1 (MJS, MRS, GBH Certificate)

Note: While there is no prerequisite to take this class, students are required to have the ability to recognize and pronounce the Hebrew aleph-bet (alphabet) and simple Hebrew words before the first day of class.

Knowledge of biblical Hebrew is an essential foundation for in-depth personal and vocational Tanakh study. BH511 is the first of three segments of a comprehensive one-year graduate level introduction to the grammar of biblical Hebrew. In this first segment, students will learn often overlooked rules for the proper reading of biblical Hebrew; skills for transliteration and cursive writing; learn the how, when and why nouns change their form. The surprising characteristics of the participle and its manifold uses are introduced and explored. Most significantly in this segment, students will be trained to search out and identify the triliteral root of Hebrew words.

Looking for a word’s three letter root is a key skill for learning to think about word families and the semantic relationship between words. To this end, students will learn the ins and outs of using the BDB Lexicon.

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