Why MJTI #4

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Reason #4 – Tuition is very reasonable and scholarships are available

Last I checked, tuition at some of Boston’s private universities could run $50,000 or more per year… not including room and board!

Imagine this scenario: You study business at Boston University. You get a good education. Mom and Dad help as much as they can. You have a job in the student dining hall. This helps a bit, but the dollars go mostly to shampoo and an occasional sweater and jeans. You are forced to take out lots of loans, both government-sponsored and private.

You graduate and you start adult life in the hole for $110,000. And the young woman you fell in love with during college has graduated with $90,000 of student loans of her own. You both would like to get married, but you will start with monthly student loan payments higher than a mortgage and car payment combined. It is an astronomical sum for young people just getting started.

MJTI has a different approach—a much better one.

Ours an online graduate school program. Thus, costs are very low. Check out our catalogue (page 32) for costs—I assure they are a tiny, tiny fraction of the kinds of costs mentioned above. Additionally, there is scholarship help available to matriculated students who keep their grades up!

True, there is no fancy student union building to share coffee with friends.

True, no one has yet designed an MJTI hoodie for sale in the bookstore.

True, there are no brick-and-mortar buildings to visit for office hours.

But if you want to become a spiritual craftsman or craftswoman desiring to serve Messiah Yeshua in Jewish space, consider MJTI. We offer independent education, a supportive community, specialized programs, and dedicated faculty—all at a very reasonable cost. Check out our programs, our catalogue, and explore further on our website mjti.org.

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This post was written by MJTI President Rabbi Rich Nichol.

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