Why MJTI #2

Reason #2: MJTI is the only independent Messianic Jewish graduate school. 

Why is this such a blessing to our students?

Because a measure of independence can open up hearts and minds to new ways of thinking about big issues. This is important because Messianic Judaism is a very new reality. Yes, its roots are ancient—First Century, to be exact. But the opportunity to receive a graduate-level education unimpeded by too much ideological undertow is so very fresh and exciting.

I am grateful of the four schools of higher learning I’ve attended—two Jewish and two Christian. But a uniquely integrated Messianic Jewish program like MJTI offers students the opportunity to ask questions that—at best—are at the periphery of traditional Jewish or Christian institutional thinking. I only wish the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute had been an option for me in my younger days!

If you are a Messianic Jew seeking credentials as a rabbi or better-informed faith as a layperson, if you are a Jew curious about what Messianic Judaism is all about, or if you are a Christian interested in deepening your spiritual journey… consider MJTI.

Want to learn more? Check out our website https://www.mjti.org or email admin@mjti.org. Need more convincing? Check out the first installment of the series here: https://www.mjti.org/why-mjti/.

This post was written by MJTI President Rabbi Dr. Rich Nichol.

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