The Meaning of Salvation — Part III

This is the third installment of a five-part series. Click here for part one and two.

Noah, Salvation, and Little League Baseball

In the Noahic story, we see the deliverance of the whole world through the flood and by faith. Noah and his family were safe from the oncoming deluge because of Noah’s belief in God, belief that led him to do the bizarre act of building a giant boat. To others, he seemed like a fool. But through Noah’s trust and obedience of God’s word, humanity and all the species of the earth were saved. Noah was a man alone in his faith, but it made all the difference for mankind.

Safety is a wonderful thing, and Salvation is all about SAFETY. When I was a child, I played Little League baseball. I was nine years old, short, and skinny. The field looked really big, the pitcher was scary, the catcher was even scarier with his face mask. I was not a power hitter, but I batted second in the lineup because I knew how to get on base by bunting, walking, singling, etc—and I could steal bases. For me, the safest place on the field was on base, and I longed to run hard and slide to be safe. The bases provided the security that I needed from the uncertainty and danger of batting.

For me it was the bases. For Noah it was the ark. As believers today, it is in the cleft of the rock. We can find our security—more permanent than a plastic square or a wooden boat—with Yeshua by our side. This eternal safety gives us peace of mind for the end of life, but it also gives us assurance as we navigate a chaotic and uncertain world. Yeshua is more than a physical resting place or a stress-reduction technique. He is our Rock, our Shield, our Deliverer, and our Rescuer. We can find safety, security, and salvation in him.

This article was written by MJTI CFO Rabbi Elliot Klayman. For the next article in the series, click here.

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