Sorrow and Resolve After Chabad Shooting

Passover has ended and we are counting down the omer to Shavuot. In the midst of it we learn once again that hate is alive throughout. On the 27th of April, the Chabad synagogue just outside of San Diego was attacked. The early reports are that the perpetrator who killed one and injured three, including the rabbi, was motivated by ethnic hate – age old anti-semitism. MJTI’s own office is located just 20 minutes down the highway; the attack happened while we were at services of our own. We are thankful that the fatalities were not greater and that the injuries were not more widespread, and our condolences go out to the families and others effected by this terrible event. As with any anti-semitic attack, we are made even more aware that serving God through our Jewish training institute does not exempt us from the vile world and its actors around us. We are giving our lives to educate others; this is our calling, and we will not back down from it.

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