S502 Apostolic Writings: The Early Messianic Community

Instructor: Dr. Richard Harvey
Dates: January 8, March 12, 2024
Location: Populi (https://mjti.populiweb.com)

This course places the Apostolic Writings in a Jewish context with an emphasis on Yeshua as God’s incarnate presence among the Jewish people, the varieties of Jewish  expression existing in the 1st-century world and reflected among the first Jewish Yeshua-believers, the meaning of the good news in its original Jewish setting, and the structure and life of the diverse communities of the early Yeshua movement. The course examines the Apostolic Writings from a post-supersessionist perspective. Special emphasis is placed on the understanding the Ekklesia consisting of those from the circumcision and from the non-circumcision as a prolepsis of the eschaton.

This is a first-year foundational class for all MJTI degree programs and Certificate Tracks. As such it introduces key theological points and ethos of MJTI.

The Apostolic Writings represent the final stage of canon-history. Understanding the development of the Apostolic Writings in relation to the Tanakh, its diversity of voices, and how these texts have been interpreted by Christian and Jewish scholars is essential for solid lay and rabbinical leadership within the Messianic Jewish community.


This is an asynchronous online course. The student must have a computer, headset, and high-speed internet access. Please contact Rabbi Michael Hillel (admin@mjti.org) for assistance with Populi.

Podcast with asynchronous discussion, and video conferencing.

Listen to all podcasts; Complete all readings; Participate in all discussion threads (posts and responses); Write 3 reflection papers; Complete a final exam.


  • Bauckham, Richard. Jesus and the God of Israel: God Crucified and Other Studies on the New Testament’s Christology of Divine Identity. Grand Rapids and Cambridge, UK: Eerdmans, 2009.
  • Miller, John, How the Bible Came to Be: Exploring the Narrative and Message. Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2004.
  • Zetterholm, Karin Hedner and Runesson, Anders (eds.). Within Judaism? Interpretive Trajectories in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam from the First to the Twenty-First Century. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 2023
  • The ESV, NRSV, or the TLV is recommended for study.


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