“Rabbis, Real Rabbis…”

Dear Friends of MJTI,

Perhaps you remember the old song:

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love. /

“That’s the only thing that there’s much too little of…”

We all agree! But as Messianic Jewish educators, we could alter the words this way:

“What the world needs now are rabbis, real rabbis…”

God so wants to bring our Jewish people and the Risen One, Yeshua, back together. But for this to happen we need dozens of highly-trained, spiritually mature, Jewishly committed men and women to hold his banner high among our people.

As the High Holy Days approach, may I ask you to consider making a generous donation to the MJTI scholarship fund?

Our scholarship fund has helped students the world over to study with us – think Australia to Austria, Canada to Cameroon, and Israel to India! We believe that our emphasis on a Messianic Jewish context, our incredible faculty, and our supportive community mindset create a unique educational experience bound to change the world and our students’ lives. We are so amazingly blessed to be raising up the next generation of this vibrant Messianic Jewish movement. Our simple desire is to make it possible for as many qualified people to study with us as possible. Would you partner with us in this holy walk?

Just go to the MJTI website at https://www.mjti.org/donate/. Follow the prompts and please give generously.

Thank you so very much!


Rabbi Dr. Rich Nichol, President

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