November: Thinking About Leadership

November 2-23, 2020—Mondays @ 12 p.m. ET

Leaders capture the interest, passion, or the acquiescence of people and incentivise behaviour germane to the leader’s agenda. Leadership is the most pressing issue of local and global environments in our time. Whether it be leaders in business, politics, governance, health, welfare, faith, and any other sphere, leadership is the key. This class focuses on the basic shape of leadership. A shape based on historic Torah principles, though rejected by the world, still retain their relevance in both secular and faith-based communities. We will think together about building integrity and character and its practical application in leadership and life. The objective is to provide students with the incentive to think about leadership character not only communally but personally. We will discover the leader in each of us and maybe change the way we think.

Meet Your Instructor

J.R. Klein, MJTI Board Member

J.R. Klein is the Principal of J.R. Global, a consulting firm committed to facilitating global transformation through local initiatives that strengthen communities by emphasizing leadership and systemic change. He has been active in social impact finance for more than 40 years. Mr Klein is an Oxford University Press published author, speaker, and artist with expertise in organizational structure, cultural sensitivity, pragmatic leadership, planning, and social impact. His expertise is recognized worldwide.

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