May: Leadership in the Age of Distraction and Destruction

Mondays, May 8, 15, 23, and 29 at Noon Eastern

As the title of this class suggests, we are living and leading in the age of increasing distraction and destruction. In every sphere of life, politics, economics, education, or religion understanding common knowledge and the standards taught by education and experience have lost a bit of validity. This class will move through a discussion of the disruptive nature of today’s world. It will encourage thinking about the world from a perspective spirituality and not necessarily religiosity. It will encourage development of the character of God in individual behavior. It will be deeper than just learning all the right words.

Meet Your Instructor

J.R. Klein

James R. (J.R.) Klein is the Principal of J.R. Global, a consulting firm dedicated to facilitating global transformation through local initiatives that strengthen markets and communities by emphasizing leadership and systemic change. He has been active in social impact finance for more than 40 years. Mr Klein is an Oxford University Press published author, thinker, and artist with expertise in organizational structure, cultural sensitivity, pragmatic leadership, planning, and social impact. His expertise is recognized worldwide.

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