June: How We Role – Rabbi Paul Saal

Tuesdays, June 6, 13, 20, & 27 at 1 PM Eastern

As Messianic Judaism proceeds into the 21st century, it can ill afford to ignore the larger social issues surrounding it. One issue that looms large is the equality of all people. This multi-faceted, diverse and complex issue is wrought with the potential disruption to the status quo of any community, nation, or institution. Dealing with the social aspects of equality requires dealing with subsets of issues and circumstances—community boundary questions, embedded traditions, and societal interdependences— that can be messy. Nevertheless, as a religious community, we are compelled to respond to the divine beckoning to treat all people as equals.

But to what degree can distinctions be celebrated without nullifying equality? Declaring the equality of women in Messianic Judaism while concurrently limiting their level of participation or potential for leadership elicits a highly emotional response on both sides of the issue. In this short course, we will examine scriptural perspectives, natural law readings, cultural norms, traditional views, and potential responses related to gender roles and responsibilities in Messianic Judaism.

Meet Your Instructor

Rabbi Paul Saal

Rabbi Paul Saal is the founder and senior rabbi of Congregation Shuvah Yisrael in West Hartford, CT. He received his smicha (ordination) through the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations where he has faithfully served for more than a decade. Rabbi Paul is also our Dean of Students at Messianic Jewish Theological Institute.

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