July: The Temple in the Gospel of Mark

July 7-28, 2021—Wednesdays @ 1 p.m. ET

The Temple plays an important and unique role in the Gospel of Mark, especially in chapters 11-15, which span from Yeshua’s arrival in the Temple, to the crucifixion. Many of the events that take place during this time are difficult to understand and have been traditionally interpreted in a supersessionist manner. This class examines a few of these events, like the cleansing of the Temple, the cursing of the fig tree. and the parable of the tenants, in their broader narrative context and from a Messianic Jewish hermeneutic to present a non-supersessionist understanding of this text.

Meet Your Instructor

Rabbi Dr. Vered Hillel, PhD

Among her various degrees, Dr. Vered has a PhD and an MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on Second Temple Period Judaism and its literature. One of her greatest joys is making the Word of God come alive and relevant to students, and to help them along in their journey to becoming the men and women of God they are created to be. Dr. Vered lives in Israel with her husband Rabbi Michael.

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