July: Thirteen Years in a Cave—Stories into the Heart of Judaism

July 2022 (exact dates TBA)

In this course, Rabbi Kinbar introduces a small collection of Jewish stories that open the windows into the heart of Judaism in unique ways. These stories, which our sages first told as many as two thousand years ago, are appealing in their own right. But their value emerges as they are told and discussed (like we will do in this course). For in every generation, they have been told and discussed, revised and then passed on to the next generation. Their relevance for Jews is evident, but Rabbi Kinbar explores their relevance for us all.

Meet Your Instructor

Rabbi Carl Kinbar

Rav Carl Kinbar is a rabbi and educator who teaches Bible and the wisdom of the Jewish sages at congregations, schools, conferences, and retreats in the Messianic movement. His goals are to help Messianic believers understand the Bible in a Jewish context and to grasp its relevance for their relationship with God and with one another. Rabbi Kinbar received a master’s degree in Jewish Studies (Rabbinic Writings) from Spertus College and a DLitt et Phil in Jewish Studies (Early Rabbinic Writings) from the University of South Africa.

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