April/May: Chavurot, House Churches, and Household Spirituality

April 11-May 2, 2021—Sundays @ 7 p.m. ET

Both Judaism and Christianity are home based and relational faiths. Historically, both faiths have viewed the home or household as the basic unit of the congregation. This course will examine the biblical notion of the household as more than a nuclear family and the congregation as  a community of households sharing a common faith and relational belonging. By tracing the history of the chavurah and house church, including the scriptural relational roles and rules of household dynamics as understood in Jewish and Christian traditions, both common and specific examples will be given of these models of home based spirituality and religion. Application will be made in the context of the contemporary radical individuality which places faith as a solo journey and misses the essence of being a people of faith.

Meet Your

R. Dr. Stuart Dauermann

Rabbi Stuart Dauermann, known as “the Father of Messianic Jewish music,” has an M.A. and a PhD in Intercultural Studies at the Fuller Seminary School of Intercultural Studies. He is Rabbi Emeritus at Ahavat Zion Messianic Synagogue, Beverly Hills, CA. Currently he is the director of Interfaithfulness and focuses on increasing understanding and improving communication at the intersection of the Jewish and Christians worlds.


Dr. Bruce Stokes

Dr. H. Bruce Stokes, is  a Professor of Anthropology and Behavioral Sciences at California Baptist University and Pastor/ Teacher of the DiscipleCenter Congregation. His academic and ministry interests are focused on the establishment of relationships in the household and congregation.

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