MJTI Year-End Letter

December 2019

Dear MJTI Students, Faculty, Administration, Board, and Supporters,

In the U.S. we just finished celebrating Thanksgiving. I think you’d agree that despite the titanic challenges facing Western civilization at the current time, we all have much for which to be thankful, such as family, friends, the privilege of having some insight into Israel’s ultimate destiny, and the insight of knowing the true Messiah of Israel, to name a few of the biggest items.

Here is another: Together, we have some understanding about the magnificence of emerging Messianic Judaism, the miracle born right before our eyes of the partial fulfillment of 2,000 year old prophecies concerning the re-uniting of Yeshua and the Jewish people.

A smaller miracle is the very existence of our unique school, the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute.

We train rabbis and lay leaders who “get it” with respect to both the messiahship of the Risen One and the practical out-workings of God’s eternal covenant with our Jewish people. We study and teach Jewish topics because these make up the on-the-ground experiences of a covenanted people. Without practical instruction of liturgy, Hebrew language, history, synagogue life and the nuanced, Spirit-led integration of these disciplines, the faith we teach would be little more than an intellectual abstraction.

MJTI gets this right and we are proud this is the case . . . and our faculty and staff give a lot to make this happen. Now we need your help.

Currently our 2019 budget is $8,000 short. We need to cover at least this amount before Dec. 31. This is a small amount given all we accomplish together. Some of you are Board members; others are students, graduates and participants in our adult education programs.

How about saying “Thank you, MJTI” by doing one or perhaps two things: First, please go to the MJTI website and pledge a generous year-end gift. (Many of you have already shown yourselves to be faithful givers. Thank you!)  Second, make even a modest monthly pledge for 2020.

We have so much to look forward to as the Spirit of God hovers over the yet unformed substance of humanity’s next great turning to Messiah. Let’s work together to anticipate the fulfillment of God’s fabulous promises.

Thank you all!


Dr. Rich Nichol

President, MJTI

For more written by Rabbi Rich, read Why MJTI #5, his beginner’s guide to Pirke Avot, or Do Messianic Jews Need Yom Kippur?

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