MJTI May Update

MJTI is continuing to grow as an organization. This month, we hired a new social media director to help us grow our online presence and disseminate a well-kept secret: that we are a Messianic Jewish center of education, where we train rabbis and others how to live in Jewish space with a Yeshua-centered mindedness. We have some of the best teachers the Messianic Jewish world offers and a high grade excellent curriculum managed by super-competent administrators. We have scholarship monies available. Help us spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and look for our renewed activity on those platforms.

Please consider saving up for the Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) offering. If each one of us puts one dollar a day in a jar until Shavuot (50 days) and sends it to MJTI, it would go a long way to enhancing our programs. With your help we will balance the budget and move forward in faith for all the plenty that God has in store for us.

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