A Look Behind the Scenes

The Klayman household is a busy one, with a variety of ministry and mundane activities. What is a typical day? Well, no day is typical. Each comes with its own workload, trials and rewards.

As the Chief Operating Officer of MJTI, there are various matters for Elliot to attend. There are day-to-day operations to be supervised; donor letters to be crafted, addressed and sent; mail to be picked up at MJTI’s post office box; data to be recorded; communications to be written regarding scholarships, student registrations and accounting; and phone calls, emails, and texts to be read, digested, responded to, and filed.

Joyce, in her capacity as Office Manager of MJTI (in addition to all the routine day-to-day administrative office tasks!), coordinates the quarterly Board meetings, three of which are online and one face-to-face. Joyce also works on special projects and is currently involved in segmenting our contacts so that we can better connect to all those affiliated with MJTI.

Sound hectic yet? Elliot is also an elder at Kehilat Ariel Congregation in San Diego. He has teaching and other responsibilities, like the bible study he leads every fifth week and our weekly fellowship group. Not to add on more, but as Executive Director of Messianic Literature Outreach, which produces a quarterly magazine, outreach tracts, and materials, he needs to keep up with the supervision of that ministry. Currently, he is preparing for the upcoming board meeting.

On top of all that, there is always the unexpected that needs trouble shooting or special attention for prayer, notes of encouragement, and counseling. But fear not! Relaxation comes in the form of reading, working out in the gym, and, of course, rest on Shabbat. After Shabbat draws to a close, a new week begins along with the challenges and the work of the ministry.

It is not for us here at MJTI “to complete the work that G-d has started, but neither is it for us to neglect it” (Pirkei Avot 2:16). Thus, we continue our life’s journey in devotion to HaShem through serving in this capacity with MJTI’s vision of building a more mature Messianic Judaism as we prepare students today for leadership tomorrow.

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