Kesher Journal Launches New Website

One of the joys of life in and around the Messianic Jewish community is discussion, debate, and friendly argument. It’s a time-honored Jewish value, and an essential part of life-long learning, as reflected in the saying of Rabbi Ben Zoma: Who is wise? One who learns from everyone, as it is said, “From all my teachers I have gained wisdom” (Pirke Avot 4:1).

Kesher has long been a critical part of this process of wisdom gathering and sharing, providing lively and insightful discussions on topics like these:

  • The Case for Messianic Jewish Halacha
  • Jews and Palestinians: The Search for Justice and Reconciliation
  • Yeshua’s Teaching on Divorce in Light of Hillel and Shammai
  • The Ancient Conversation: Engaging Postmodern Jews in Scripture Study
  • Outreach and Jewish Missions in the 21st Century
  • Reaching and Retaining the Next Generation
  • Who is a Jew? A View from Israel
  • Cultural Adolescence or Biblical Youth: a Religious Parent’s Challenge

Now, after twenty-five years and hundreds of articles such as these, Kesher is going digital. Our print edition will still be available, of course, and we have added an interactive website that not only expands the benefit of all these articles, but also provides access to a fully searchable archive of all past issues. With the new website Kesher also offers an online subscription option to bring this incomparable material to a new and wider audience, including you!

To be part of the Kesher conversation, go to

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