July: Numbering Our Days

July 9–30 - Thursdays, 12:00 pm EDT

In the year 2020 we have, perhaps, encountered in a new and more pressing way the stark fact of our mortality. In addition to the virus, we sense a deep divide in our culture that can express itself in anger and chaos. We are unsure of the future. We who seek to serve the God of Israel, the God of Creation and Redemption, look inward and upward. The weakness of our faith becomes evident and we either shrink back or press forward. We say, with Moses in Psalm 90, “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Our people have faced tragedy and terrible uncertainty throughout history. Rabbi Edward Feld writes: “The most basic Jewish attitudes regarding the meaning of life were formed out of the cycles of tragedy and destruction and the subsequent effort to reconstruct a spiritual life.” In this course we will look briefly at the way Jews have theologically understood Jewish national tragedies in the past. We will then consider together what it means to “number our days” in our time, as Messianic Jews.

Meet Your Instructor

Rachel Wolf


Rachel has written and taught on a variety of subjects for the Messianic Jewish Movement since the 1980’s. Her central passion is to educate and sensitize others to the realities of the Jewish community, including its unique history and the beliefs and attitudes formed out of it. With this as her context, she seeks to understand Yeshua and the Apostolic Writings in light of the real experience of the Jewish community. She is the wife of Michael Wolf, messianic rabbi of Beth Messiah Synagogue in Cincinnati. In addition to her responsibilities at Beth Messiah and in the MJAA, she has been a volunteer with Reasons to Believe, an organization that seeks to integrate good science with good biblical faith. She is also a former writer and editor of instructional art books for North Light Books.

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