Good News Flash!

Good News Flash! MJTI ranked 12 out of 40 online Master of Religious Studies Degree Programs.

Daily we are bombarded with Breaking News flashes, most of which contain events related to people’s inhumanity to one another. Every once in a while, we hear good news. I am pleased to share some of this good news with you!

Recently, MJTI has been ranked 12 out of the 40 best Online Master of Religious Studies Degree Programs by the Master’s Program Guide, an online organization that ranks graduate programs in a number of different subject areas. The article can be found here: The organization rated MJTI above online religious programs from schools such as Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Bethany Theology Seminary, and Fordham University. This is a formidable ranking for a small, specialized school such as MJTI.

For the article’s ranking, Master’s Program Guide considered our Master of Jewish Studies program and Certificate Tracks. There are many Jewish Studies programs across the nation, but Master’s Program Guide noted several factors that set MJTI apart: our status as a totally independent Messianic Jewish institution, our status as the only fully online Messianic Jewish graduate school, our emphasis on a Messianic Jewish context, our mentoring components, and our community mindset.

We also have new Certificate Tracks: Introduction to Messianic Jewish Studies and Grammar of Biblical Hebrew. Certificate Tracks ( are designed for students with or without a bachelor’s degree who desire to study Bible, Messianic Jewish theology, and related subjects at a graduate level in small increments. Each Certificate is a unit consisting of three classes with one tuition cost for the certificate unit. Various certificates, related to specific fields of concentration, will be offered each year, e.g., Biblical Hebrew, Messianic Jewish Studies, Rabbinic Literature.

MJTI’s faculty is also highly complemented. The Master’s Program Guide states that our faculty brings “impressive credentials and decades of combined ministry and educational experience.” An aspect of MJTI that is not expressed in the online article is the personal investment in and care for each student by our faculty and administration. We truly are building a community and not just an institution.

It is exciting, encouraging, and a blessing to receive a ranking of 12 out of 40 Online Religious Studies programs. This ranking did not review our Master of Rabbinic Studies degree ( or our Panim-El-Panim short courses program (

As the Academic Dean at MJTI, I knew MJTI had quality faculty, programs, and teaching. I am absolutely thrilled that my views have been substantiated by an outside agency. As part of the extended MJTI community, I wanted to share this information with you and ask that you share it with others.

Check out MJTI (, and see which degree, certificate, or program is right for you!

This article was written by MJTI Academic Dean Rabbi Dr. Vered Hillel. For more written by Rabbi Hillel, read her Rosh Hashannah article A Sweet Year and a Bright Future, her analysis on the divine name “Adonai Echad,” or a PSA about our Mature Student Status and Certificate Tracks.

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