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5. Scholarships will be considered on a quarter by quarter basis. A new Scholarship Application must be submitted each quarter a scholarship is requested.

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General Scholarship (for residents outside of Israel)Scholarship (for residents of Israel)

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Messianic Judaism is a movement of Jewish congregations and groups committed to Yeshua the Messiah that embrace the covenantal responsibility of Jewish life and identity rooted in Torah, expressed in tradition, and renewed and applied in the context of the New Covenant. Messianic Jewish groups may also include those from non-Jewish backgrounds who have a confirmed call to participate fully in the life and destiny of the Jewish people (UMJC Defining Messianic Judaism Statement).

1. What are your thoughts about this paragraph?
2. How will you use your MJTI education to support this vision of Messianic Judaism?

List all scholarships you are receiving to cover JSP courses. Name each scholarship and the amount awarded.

Jewish Studies Program Scholarship Rules

The Jewish Studies Program has established two scholarship funds for the benefit of the students in its graduate degree programs.

Eligibility for JSP General Scholarship Fund

Applicants for this scholarship must be JSP matriculated degree students.

Eligibility for the Israel Scholarship Fund

Applicants for this scholarship must be JSP matriculated degree students, and be a permanent resident or citizen of Israel.

Terms of Eligibility

Awards will be made on a quarterly basis. To maintain eligibility, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA. Awards may be received for a maximum of twelve quarters (four academic years) or their equivalent. Students must complete the courses as listed in their application in order to remain eligible to receive scholarship funds.

Application Procedure

Interested persons may apply by completing the JSP General or Israel scholarship form available online at

Selection Committee

The Selection Committee will consist of the Academic Dean, the MJTI Registrar, and a third memeber appointed by the President of MJTI.


The Selection Committee shall select the scholarship recipients. For selection purposes, applicants shall be ranked by the Selection Committee according to a combination of factors:

1. Number of courses committed to take in the academic year

2. Academic record (GPA)

3. Other committed scholarship money

Receipt or potential receipt of other scholarships or student financial aid will be considered in the selection process.

Amount of Award

The amount of each award shall be fixed by the Selection Committee based on the applicant pool and available funds.

Award Notification

The Scholarship Committee shall send to the recipients a notice of award specifying the terms of the award. Recipients shall sign and return one copy of the award notice, acknowledging the terms.

Fund Establishment

MJTI shall establish two scholarship funds, known as the "JSP General Scholarship Fund" and the "Israel Scholarship Fund".

Fund Managment

All earnings from the funds will be returned to the funds and be used only for scholarships and administrative expenses.


Funds will be paid directly to JSP on behalf of the scholarship recipients, on a quarterly basis.


Refunds resulting from a student receiving funds from other sources, or from a student's failure to complete class(es) shall be returned to the Fund. Monies available from refunded disbursements shall be used only for future awards and administrative expenses.

Credit Hour Requirements

Awardees shall make satisfactory academic progress in order to receive disbursements throughout the year or to be considered for renewal reinstatement.


Former awardees who voluntarily withdraw may be considered for reinstatement by re-applying for the scholarship with an attached letter explaining the reason for withdrawal and offfering a plan for successful completion of the degree or certificate. Former awardees who fail to maintain the standards mentioned above in "Terms of Eligibility" may re-apply for a scholarship when they have raised their GPA to above 3.0. Former awardees who fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress as mentioned above in "Credit Hour Requirements" may reapply for a scholarship with an attached letter explaining the reason for failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress and offering a plan for successful completion of the degree or certificate.

Renewal Process

Each renewal candidate must complete the JSP General or Israel scholarship form available online at and submit all materials related to the application at least one month prior to the beginning of a quarter for which the student is re-applying.

Awards may be granted for up to twelve quarters by a) maintaining the academic standards mentioned above in "Terms of Eligibility"; and b) maintaining satisfactory academic progress as mentioned above in "Credit Hour Requirements." The Selection Committee will send notification of renewal awards.


The Scholarship Committee shall be responsible for the selection of recipients and disbursement of scholarships according to the rules set forth above. The Committee shall maintain a complete and accurate record of the scholarships awarded. Administrative charges by the Committee may not exceed 10% of the total amount of scholarships awarded annually.

I have read and agree to abide by the Scholarship Program Rules

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