Application for Graduation

Messianic Jewish Theological Institute

Application for Graduation


1. Application for graduation must be received by Sunday April 2, 2017.

2. The School of Jewish Studies reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of awarding degrees and certificates in order to maintain the academic integrity of the School.

3. Fees: $36 – Certificate Programs $72 – Master of Jewish Studies and Master of Rabbinic Studies.

4. No payment is due at this time. You will be billed upon confirmation of your graduation.

5. Diplomas/Certificates will be distributed at the Graduation Ceremony in May or mailed to those who are not able to attend.

6. Please fill in each of the form fields.

7. Click the “Submit” button to send the form to the Registrar. A copy of the form will be emailed to you.

Carefully enter your name EXACTLY as it is to appear on your diploma and listed in SJS materials, using upper and lower case letters. This MUST conform to the official name of record at the time you graduate.

Program for which you are applying to graduate
Master of Jewish Studies DegreeMaster of Rabbinic Studies DegreeGraduate Certificate in Rabbinic WritingsGraduate Certificate in Jewish Studies

Quarter in which you will finish all requirements
Quarter 1 (Fall)Quarter 2 (Winter)Quarter 3 (Spring)Quarter 4 (Summer)Requirements Completed

I certify that to the best of my knowledge I have completed the requirements outlined above and will have completed my required course of study by the end of the 4th quarter of the academic year in which graduation is planned.


I understand that, regardless of the approval of this application, I will not receive my diploma until all charges are cleared from my account

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