“A Debate on the Meaning of Israel”

This Wednesday, MJTI Faculty and President Emeritus Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer debates prolific Anglican Biblical scholar N.T. Wright, hosted by the Beeson Divinity School of Samford University.

“A Debate on the Meaning of Israel” will examine the place of non-messianic Jews in God’s covenant. The two scholars will cover the following questions: “Are non-messianic Jews members of God’s covenanted people? If so, do they as a people have a unique covenantal calling that distinguishes their calling from that of every other society or nation?”

When asked about the significance of this debate, Rabbi Dr. Kinzer replied, “I see N.T. Wright as the most influential biblical scholar/theologian in the world today. I do not know him personally, but I am eager to make his acquaintance, and to begin a dialogue with him on matters of concern to us as Messianic Jews. That in itself will be a plus.

“But I hope this event will accomplish far more. I will be onstage not only as an individual scholar, but as a representative of the Messianic Jewish community. I hope to give voice to perspectives that are commonly held in our community. Engaging with a scholar of Wright’s stature will elevate the standing of our community, and (hopefully) give us a hearing in some quarters that are unaware of our existence.”

Rabbi Dr. Kinzer is an influential scholar in his own right. His book Postmissionary Messianic Judaism has been a defining text on the vision, direction, and organization of the Messianic Jewish world. We at MJTI are proud to call him faculty and President Emeritus.

We hope, along with Rabbi Dr. Kinzer, that Wednesday’s debate will be a productive and enlightening discourse—for the scholars involved, for the Messianic Jewish community and its Christian brothers and sisters, for the wider Jewish community, and also for those who may not yet be aware of Messianic Judaism’s rich and vibrant presence amongst God’s people.

We wish him the best on Wednesday and are proud of the strides Messianic Judaism is making thanks to our brilliant scholars!

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This article was written by Emily Klein, MJTI Content Coordinator. For more mazel tovs and good news, read our interviews. with MJTI graduates Rabbi Yahnatan Lasko and Rabbi Michael Hillel.

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