For the Love of Shmitah Part 2

Part 2 of Rabbi Elliot Klayman's article on shmitah. What happens to a community when people are afraid to lend near a year of release? How does shmitah affect slaves, or farmland? How can we see Yeshua in shmitah? Read on!

Jonathan Bernis Talks LLC

Jonathan Bernis, President & CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International, talks about the importance of MJTI's new Lifelong Learning Centre.

Announcing the MJTI Lifelong Learning Center

MJTI is excited to announce the launch of its newest venture into education; the Lifelong Learning Centre for adult Messianic Jewish community education. The Lifelong Learning Centre celebrates and fosters a love for learning from a Messianic Jewish perspective for all who wish to continue the pursuit knowledge and study without a large commitment of time or finances, or the desire to complete a degree.

Spreading Peace During a Pandemic

We know that we should be nicer to other people. Kinder to strangers on the internet. More encouraging to our family. But how do we do these things? Especially in an era of disruption and unrest like the past year and a half. Rabbi Elliot Klayman looks at the first Psalm of Ascent, Psalm 120, for how to let our yetzer hatov—our good inclination—shine through in these difficult times.

Nasso: Sixty-Three Years Later

This week is Parshat Nasso, Rabbi Klayman's bar mitzvah portion. He reflects on the interim and the lessons he's learned in the meantime: how the world changes, how the right perspective matters, and how the grace of God can carry you through.

Questions of Authority

Lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have sparked fiery debate in religious communities throughout the world. For Yeshua-believers, ought we to meet in person (Acts 2:42, Hebrews 10:24-5) or respect the health & safety rules (Romans 13:1-8, 1 Peter 2:13-17)?

The Value of Procrastination

Could procrastination be a Biblical value? MJTI Registrar Michael Hillel takes a look at parshat Shemini and dives into whether haste to do Adonai's will is always a good thing.

Like Pilate Said, “What is Truth?”

The last twelve months have been difficult. On top of a global pandemic, increasing political polarization, racial unrest, and the rampant spread of misinformation have delivered shock after shock to our lives. So how do we as Yeshua-believers navigate a time where so much seems subjective?

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