April: Men, Women, and Discipleship in Besorat Mark

April 6 - 27, 2020—Mondays @ 1 p.m. ET

The Gospel according to Mark, more than any of the other gospels, is a story. If you read it in one setting without the verses, you can picture a storyteller narrating the gospel, and can even see the different characters develop. This is especially true of the twelve disciples whom Yeshua specifically called and those who “followed” him and are identified as disciples by their actions. The latter includes both male and female followers, who play significant roles at significant times. Discipleship in Besorat Mark transforms lives, the lives of the disciples as well as those with whom they interact. In this class we will examine the roles of both male and female disciples in Besorat Mark and grapple with the importance of the repeated admonishment of the male disciples for their lack of understanding and the commendation of female disciples for their faith. In the process of learning about these disciples, we too will be transformed.

Meet Your Instructor

Rabbi Vered Hillel, PhD

Among her various degrees, Rabbi Vered has a PhD and an MA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, focusing on Second Temple Period Judaism and its literature. One of her greatest joys is making the Word of God come alive and relevant to students, and to help them along in their journey to becoming the men and women of God they are created to be. Dr. Vered lives in Israel with her husband Rabbi Michael.

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