Announcing the MJTI Lifelong Learning Center

July 9, 2021

Announcing MJTI’s new Lifelong Learning Centre!

MJTI is excited to announce the launch of its newest venture into education; the Lifelong Learning Centre for adult Messianic Jewish community education. The Lifelong Learning Centre celebrates and fosters a love for learning from a Messianic Jewish perspective for all who wish to continue the pursuit of knowledge and study without a large commitment of time or finances, or the desire to complete a degree. The Centre seeks to inspire engagement with Scripture, Jewish thought and tradition, the Jewish People, and the Messianic Jewish Community. Our goals are to:

1. Provide adult education that adds value to the broader Messianic Jewish Community through practical courses, lectures, webinars, etc. that are easily accessible and personally meaningful and satisfactory;
2. Impart the hows and whys of Jewish life renewed in Yeshua;
3. Examine a wide range of Scripture and apply those principles to life;
4. Integrate biblical knowledge and theology with practical Messianic Jewish ministry skills;
5. Provide a knowledge of Messianic Jewish history, theology and practice;
6. Cultivate a sense of personal Jewish identity or attachment to the Jewish People;
7. Create lovers and allies of the Jewish people.
8. A variety of platforms will be used to fulfill these goals, such as short courses, series of courses, public lectures, webinars, online conferences, and discussion groups. All will be offered at a variety of levels, venues and times: a drip (daily 15 minute classes); a drizzle (two 30-minute weekly classes); a drop (weekly one-hour courses lasting four to six weeks, such as MJTI’s Panim-El-Panim classes); and a dive (Torah and text study or interactive classes requiring preparation).

The Lifelong Learning Centre will be launched on August 1, 8:00 pm EDT in a webinar “Live to Learn; Learn to Live.” Jonathan Bernis will be the keynote speaker. There is no cost for the webinar; donations are welcome. Mark your calendars and save the date.

Come join Jonathan Bernis and MJTI as we celebrate the launch of the new Lifelong Learning Centre for Adult Messianic Jewish Community Education!

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