2020 Board of Directors Update

The Messianic Jewish Theological Institute (MJTI) held its annual Board of Directors meeting online for the first time, November 2020. MJTI offers online Master of Jewish Studies degrees and Master of Rabbinic Studies degrees, as well as Certificate Tracks in various fields of interest and short, 4-week Panim el Panim courses. Each online course features instruction via webcasts delivered by instructors and discussion threads in which the students interact with one another and the instructor. Board members, faculty, staff, and students are representative of varied international geographies that come together with the common goal of sensitive, sound, and vibrant education provided to the Messianic Jewish and gentile communities.

One of the highlights of the meeting was the presentation of a recommendation report, Many Voices One Path, from the Curriculum Committee. The report was the culmination of strategic thinking over the past year. The Board’s acceptance and approval of the recommendation included thanking all those who added their voice to the conversation both inside and outside the Institute. The second highlight was the creation of the Communication and Marketing Committee. The Committee was charged with the challenge of telling the MJTI story in the Messianic community. On the founding of the Committee, Chair of the Board J.R. Klein remarked, “In this year of uncertainty, it was a refreshing experience to come together with our differences and agree on our common goals.” Further information about MJTI can be found at www.mjti.org.

For more updates from MJTI, read our 2019 Year-End Letter and a good news flash.

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