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MJS Degree Program Objectives

Students who complete the requirements of the MJS degree will be able to:

Understand the historical development of Jewish religious thought and practice in the light of God's enduring covenantal commitment to the Jewish people and the mission and teaching of Yeshua the Messiah.

Articulate how traditional formulations of Yeshua-faith are challenged and reshaped by such an understanding of the historical development of Jewish religious thought and practice.

Study classic Jewish writings in their original languages, to understand their historical context and relevance to Jewish faith and practice and how they can be engaged appreciatively by Messianic Jews as our own heritage.

Understand the Apostolic Writings as Jewish writings essential for interpreting the history of Jewish life, thought and practice, and which themselves are rightly interpreted in the light of that history.

Articulate the meaning and significance of Messianic Judaism for the Jewish people and the Christian Church in the 21st century.

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